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About Heidi Stendorff

Create - craft - enchant. Heidi is a custom tailor and product developer. With zeal she transforms her ideas into textiles, colors and shapes. She designs and sews garments for people who make no compromises - and tailors them to fit them. With professional know-how, craftsmanship and a special eye for detail, she achieves a special feeling of exclusivity with her custom-made one-of-a-kind pieces - and has been winning over numerous enthusiastic customers for years.

Function & Responsibility

However, Heidi Stendorff is not only committed to design, but also to functionality and durability. She is very keen to slow down production and consumption: "As an entrepreneur, I take responsibility for the entire textile chain. This begins with the purchase of the best certified materials. It is personally close to my heart that production and transport routes are coherent. We need to change our understanding of clothing in general: Away from fast fashion, towards sustainable slow fashion."

Una for the whole family

With Una, I want to create something that satisfies the diverse needs of the whole family - and is also robust and as resource-friendly as possible. My goal is to inspire current and future generations with sustainable production, high-quality materials and timelessly elegant design.

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