About Una


About Una


What makes UNA unique


Ecological footprint

Una is regional and sustainable
Una is completely handmade - in a small manufactory in Beuren, Swabia. Una is delivered in a reused, sewn-over bed sheet. The packaging and all accompanying materials are made of 100 percent recycled material.


Una convinces with quality and naturalness
The outer skin is made of 100% wool, a renewable resource. This is breathable and regulates so different temperature quite excellent. The wool is also hard-wearing and durable, dirt-repellent due to the natural wool wax lanolin and - at the very end of its long service life - biodegradable. Una's interior consists of a mix of spelt husks and beads of sheep's wool: breathable, flame-resistant and easy to clean. By the way, for allergy sufferers there is an alternative with a cover made of corduroy and a filling made of cotton or polyester.

Care comfort

Una is easy to clean
Una really likes to be vacuumed occasionally. Light soiling is very easy to wipe off - it is best to spray on an ethanol-based cleaning spray beforehand. An alcohol content of between 70% and 85% is ideal. However, be sure to avoid cleaning agents containing chlorine or bleach. And if Una does come into contact with grease, wine, fruit, etc.: Work a drop of wool detergent into the appropriate area and then wash off the soap.

Una - your superhero for the entire life cycle

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